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Survey finds many underestimate the effect advertising has on newspaper funding

9th September 2015 11:28

According to a survey by video advertising specialist, Teads, consumers do not appreciate how much contribution advertising revenue has on funding high quality editorial. Carried out during August 2015, the survey of more than 2,000 adults revealed that 62… Read more...

American Press Institute survey explores the views of journalism, communications graduates

17th August 2015 18:14

The American Press Institute has conducted what’s believed to be the largest survey ever of journalism and communications graduates, with the aim to explore the challenges journalists face today, helping to achieve the overall goal of defining 21st… Read more...

Survey finds which celebrities the public would like as a housemate

15th July 2015 14:38

A recent study has discovered which celebrities the majority of people would like to live with. The survey of 1,436 people by, has found that Kim Kardashian West is the most desirable celebrity to share a home with. Following the reality star,… Read more...

85 per cent of fathers want their children to watch the cartoons they used to

19th June 2015 14:11

A recent Netflix survey, which gathered the opinions of 7,000 parents, has found that 85 per cent of fathers worldwide would like their children to watch the same cartoons that they used to view as a child. As well as this, the survey found that 75 per cent… Read more...

Disabled people underrepresented within TV industry, survey finds

8th June 2015 13:04

Recently published data from The Creative Diversity Network – whose members include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky - has shown that less than half the amount of disabled people work in television, in comparison with the wider workforce. Of those working… Read more...

Survey indicates an increase in spending at the cinema

18th May 2015 12:35

A recent YouGov survey has revealed that when Britons go to the cinema, most purchase snacks. The survey indicated that the average spend at the cinema is £7.85 – excluding the ticket. When looking at which location spends the most at the cinema,… Read more...

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