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Latest Market Research Insights

Market Research Finds Major UK Cities Lagging In Mobile 3G Speeds

31st January 2012 17:24 - Telecommunications

A survey of more than 1,000 smartphone users by price comparison website uSwitch has discovered that London has the slowest average 3G mobile broadband speeds of any of the UK's top 10 largest cities In total, the average 3G download speed in London was… Read more...

Survey Discovers What Expats Miss Most and Least About Britain

30th January 2012 16:29 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A new survey by Lloyds TSB International on what expats miss the most about the UK has found it is the British countryside that makes people homesick above all else. Across all countries where expats now reside, nearly half of the 1,034 surveyants at 46%… Read more...

Poll Measures UK Publics Food Concerns

28th January 2012 16:25 - Health

The latest consumer survey by the FSA has revealed that when it comes to food, the British public now worries more about high prices than hygiene. A total of 60% of the Britons polled said price hikes on food is the issue they’re most concerned about,… Read more...

Survey Discovers Divided Opinions amongst Britons about Olympics Fever

27th January 2012 16:59 - Public Consultation

An Abta-commissioned poll of 2,018 people ahead of the upcoming London Olympic Games has shown that many Britons are planning to escape the tourist mayhem altogether. A total of 12% of the surveyants said they intend to leave the country specifically to avoid… Read more...

Survey Finds Britons Getting Fed Up With Exorbitant Train Fares

26th January 2012 17:40 - Transport and Distribution

Market research by Passenger Focus has found that Britons are increasingly disgruntled about the expense of train travel in the UK. While overall satisfaction with rail journeys remained mostly the same as last year at 84%, rail passengers have said that… Read more...

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