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Latest Market Research Insights

Poll Reveals British Appreciation for Fiery Foods on the Rise

27th July 2011 17:02 - Food

A new poll of 1,058 people by 'Chaat!', the in-house magazine of the British Curry Club, has discovered the current top choice of Britons in Indian restaurants. Fiery Jalfrezi, originating from North India, is now rated as the most popular dish, replacing… Read more...

Ofcom Poll Measures Customer Satisfaction with Top Mobile and Internet Providers

21st July 2011 17:45 - Telecommunications

The latest Ofcom customer service poll on major mobile and Internet providers has found T-Mobile ranked highest in satisfaction levels and 3 at the lowest end of the scale. T-Mobile’s satisfaction score measured at 72%, with only 9% of the customers… Read more...

Survey Reveals Cultural Threat as Many UK Museums Suffer Funding Cuts

20th July 2011 17:35 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

A survey by the Museums Association has uncovered a cultural threat – one fifth of UK museums have had their funding cut by at least 25% in the past nine months. The study of 140 museums was undertaken to assess the impact of the government's Spending… Read more...

UK Study Finds Personal Devices Boost Productivity and Improve Work/Life Balance

19th July 2011 17:46 - Business Support

A new survey on behalf of Citrix Online to look into the potential for more flexible working in the UK has measured how customer-focused communication devices are being adopted by workers. The study found that over 10% of UK SMEs that integrate personal devices… Read more...

Market Research Finds Most UK Smartphone Owners Dont Like Mobile Ads

18th July 2011 17:15 - Telecommunications

New YouGov survey results have shown that mobile advertising is not as appealing to the smartphone owners as the marketing industry might suggest. In total, 79% of the 2,082 UK smartphone users who took part in the online poll in June said they found mobile… Read more...

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