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Charities market research is a key element within DJS Research's offer. We have conducted hundreds of market research projects for charities across a wide-range of sectors and with diverse groups of respondents, including vulnerable or elderly respondents and those suffering from physical or mental illnesses or requiring long-term care. Some of our major areas of specialism within this sector include:

  • Domestic charities market research
  • Overseas aid charities market research
  • Research for cultural development and heritage charities
  • Studies on behalf of charities which cater for workers and employees from a specific sector
  • Social or market research for organisations funded by a mix of governmental funding and charitable funding

We feel that our knowledge and practical experience of carrying out research with and on-behalf of charities is second to none, and that we are equipped to be able to provide high quality research outputs on almost any topic posed to us. Some of our clients in the charity sector include the following:


Charities Market Research : Audience Experience

We have conducted both qualitative and quantitative charities market research touching on various different audiences including:

  • Stakeholders and employees
  • Service providers
  • Time donors
  • Money donors
  • Campaigners
  • Vulnerable groups within society (for example, the homeless, elderly communities, those with a life threatening illnesses, BAME communities)

''Having never used a market research company before we have been really pleased with the way that DJS have guided us through the process and worked with us to ensure that we achieved our objectives. They completed depths & an audit interview along with a national survey, representing both us and our funders in an extremely professional way.''
Young Epilepsy

We have a wide range of experience in the charities sector, including some of the examples below:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research amongst teachers to understand awareness and usage of teaching resources provided by a leading international aid charity
  • Research on behalf of Booktrust to create a national segmentation model to understand reading habits
  • Research for a healthcare charity to understand attitudes towards volunteering and awareness of its brand amongst consumers
  • Quantitative research for a UK based charity conducting research amongst the general public to assess awareness of the blood and organ donor scheme. Research is conducted on an ongoing basis and results are sent to No. 10 Downing St. Our work in this area has been reported on BBC News. To watch the full version of the video click here.
  • Research for an overseas aid charity to understand brand positioning and issues around maximising time and money donations
  • Research for one of the world's largest charities and cultural organisations with several hard to reach audiences including a diaspora community in eastern Europe and Asia, global research with teachers in to their social media usage and desk research across the developed and developing world to understand attitutdes towards equality and diversity in the workplace.
  • Research to understand the needs and positions of service users for several charities working with terminally or long-term ill patients.

"Having looked at a number of research organisations DJS stood out as a company who are proven within the research industry and are able to produce high quality reports that can be submitted to Government. We were looking for a quality organisation to work with us and we found that in DJS."
Jeanette Crizzle Trust

Please see the case studies below for more detail about our work. Alternatively, the following links provide access to research carried out by DJS Research for The Jeanette Crizzle Trust and made available by them in the public domain:

Jeanette Crizzle Trust - Give and Let Live 2008

Jeanette Crizzle Trust - Give and Let Live 2009

Please feel free to have a look at our charities sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Charities Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Charities Twitter account: @DJS_Voluntary

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