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Survey indicates an increase in spending at the cinema

18th May 2015 12:35

A recent YouGov survey has revealed that when Britons go to the cinema, most purchase snacks. The survey indicated that the average spend at the cinema is £7.85 – excluding the ticket. When looking at which location spends the most at the cinema,… Read more...

Survey reveals what Brits lie about on social media

27th April 2015 18:11

A recent survey, on behalf of, has revealed that 1 in 5 people have made up stories about their weekends and posted them on social media, in order to make themselves appear more interesting. A similar figure created weekend related stories… Read more...

Consumers use more than one on-demand video service, survey finds

7th April 2015 13:02

A recent survey has found that consumers are using multiple on-demand video services to view TV shows and movies. Many of those surveyed mixed services such as Netflix, Redbox and Hulu, amongst others. The survey found that 75 per cent of those who use on-demand… Read more...

Majority of UK people view the news on social media, survey finds

4th March 2015 14:36

A recent survey of 7,500 media consumers in the United Kingdom has found that the public’s favoured medium of consuming the news has changed, as the majority of respondents claim to read the news via social media. Of the participants of the survey,… Read more...

1 in 5 showbiz professionals are affected by mental illness, survey finds

4th February 2015 17:50

According to a recent survey by Arts and Minds, it was found that 1 in 5 (20 per cent) people working in the entertainment industry have been affected by mental illness, to the point where they have been to get help. Of the 5,000 showbiz professionals surveyed,… Read more...

The Interview: Sony Pictures’ most successful online film

30th December 2014 10:57

Despite a large scale corporate hack, and outrage over censorship, The Interview has fast become Sony Pictures’ most successful online film, since its release on Christmas Eve. The Interview, which became available to download and stream on December,… Read more...

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