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Research identifies Activia’s World Cup ad, featuring Shakira as the most shared advert of 2014

20th November 2014 16:52

Research commissioned by Unruly has found that The World Cup advert by Activia is the most shared advert of 2014. The successful advertisement earned a whopping 5.8 million shares across social media channels such as: Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.… Read more...

Social media engagement with TV drives higher +7 viewing figures

13th November 2014 17:34

Social media plays a crucial role in a live TV programme‚Äôs viewings as it reminds people to watch a programme at a later date if they missed it live. In a recent study to understand Live +7* viewership of an episode, 11 different variables were included.… Read more...

Email, Viewbooks and Non-Personalised communications need to be scrapped, claim the iGeneration

13th November 2014 17:02

Research from Worldcom Public Relations Group partners Schneider Associates and The Pollack PR Marketing Group has uncovered that the public relations and marketing of universities and colleges needs to be revised. Potential students are becoming more critical… Read more...

Opportunities for PR and marketing professionals adopting multi-channel sales platforms

13th November 2014 14:37

A recent survey by PR News and PR Newswire has revealed that PR, marketing and advertising are becoming increasingly aligned. The results of the survey identify gaps in terms of PR strategies and execution - and with this, new opportunities for sector professionals… Read more...

Mobile Phone Apps Increasing Number of Female Video Gamers, Study Suggests

10th October 2014 10:59

Women make up more than half (52%) of people who have played some form of video game in the last six months - a 3% increase from three years ago (49%), according to a recent study powered by Populus. The research revealed that, in the past six months, seven… Read more...

Digital Advertising Revenues Remain Elevated for UK Publishers, Study Shows

29th September 2014 10:39

Digital advertising research shows revenues from UK publishers were up 9.1% in the second quarter of 2014 compared with the same quarter in 2013, according to recent research conducted by Deloitte and the Association of Online Publishers (AOP). Collectively,… Read more...

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