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Automotive Market Research

Below you will find the latest automotive market research insights, automotive news and research findings. The most recent automotive articles can be found at the top.

The automotive market research findings have been sourced from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Please note that the research projects contained in these articles may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

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Market Research Uncovers How Often Britons Wash Their Cars

13th September 2012 15:17

A survey commissioned by the AA covering 18,080 of its members has revealed how different Britons treat their cars in terms of keeping them clean. The findings indicate that well-off drivers tend to have dirtier cars - only 6% of vehicle owners from professional… Read more...

Online Poll Finds the Austin Mini Voted Best British Car Ever

31st August 2012 15:39

Market research has seen the original Mini voted by members as the greatest British car ever made. The Austin Mini, launched in 1959, beat some tough competition to gain its crown, including the much-loved original Range Rover and the Jaguar… Read more...

Market Research Finds British Motorists Have Need for Speed

24th August 2012 17:09

As part of its annual Survey of Motorists, a YouGov study on behalf of car insurance specialists Admiral has revealed a worrying attitude to driving fast amongst Britons, since many motorists see speed limits as simply a guide rather than law. The market… Read more...

Reliability Survey Crowns Mazda MX-5 as Top Performer

8th August 2012 17:18

The latest annual reliability survey by What Car? Magazine has seen Mazda’s MX-5 sports car win the crown over more than 50,000 other vehicle contenders. Manufactured since 2005, Mazda MX-5s have been recorded as having a mere 4% failure rate. This… Read more...

Market Research Proves Used Japanese Cars Far more Reliable than Other Brands

26th July 2012 18:04

The latest survey by What Car? and Warranty Direct has revealed that Britons vote Japanese brands as the most reliable used cars to own. In the study of vehicles that are between three and 10 years old, Japanese manufacturers Honda, Toyota and Lexus were… Read more...

Market Research Finds Rich UK Drivers Guilty of Not Washing Their Cars

9th July 2012 16:47

The latest AA survey has shown that wealthier drivers in the UK are guilty of not washing their vehicles, while poorer Britons are more proud of their cars. In total, only one in 17 car owners from professional and managerial backgrounds wash their car once… Read more...

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