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Latest Market Research Insights

Poll Finds Majority of Britons Seek Out Comforts of Home When On Holiday

22nd June 2012 14:51 - Public Consultation

A survey by travel agent has revealed that when most Britons go abroad, they prefer to enjoy food they would eat at home rather than try foreign dishes. In total, the poll found that 27% of UK tourists will only eat home style cooking,… Read more...

Savings Survey Finds Successful Nest Eggs Are the Result of Goal Setting

22nd June 2012 14:51 - Financial Services

According to the new Savings Survey by NS&I, more than a third of the UK population admit to not having enough funds squirreled away to cope in a sudden emergency, and 13% have no savings at all. The research results demonstrate how the high cost of living… Read more...

eBay Survey Reveals Soar in Online Retail Popularity Since Recession

22nd June 2012 14:51 - Retail

Market research by online retail giant eBay has shown that there has been a major boost in Internet sales since the recession, allowing some online start-ups to achieve consumer revenues of more than £100,000. Over 24,000 new businesses registered on… Read more...

Tourism Survey Finds Britons Visit More Foreign Attractions than Local Ones

22nd June 2012 14:52 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A travel survey has revealed that 45% of the Britons who took part in the study admit they are 'more likely' to visit well-known landmarks when abroad than when in the UK. In total, more people had been to the Eiffel Tower than key British attractions… Read more...

Survey Finds Potential for Brain Drain as Many UK Workers Willing To Migrate

22nd June 2012 14:52 - Professional Services

According to a new survey of 1,000 employees in the UK, one in four people are willing to move abroad for a better lifestyle and salary, pointing to a potential brain drain. A total of 27% of the workers surveyed were willing to migrate, highly-educated staff… Read more...

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