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In this section by clicking on the links below you will find sector specific market research insights, industry news and research findings. The insights are an invaluable desk research tool and are freely available for all to use. Feel free to share the insights with your colleagues using the sharing icons or via Google+. Also, if you can help support this resource by providing a link from your site, it would be very much appreciated.

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Please note that the research projects contained in our insights may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd. We do occassionally carry out research which we make freely available - you can access these reports here: Free Market Research Findings. In addition, visitors to this page may also be interested in our free market research glossary.

Latest Market Research Insights

Research Finds Majority of UK Public Prefer Print Rather Than Digital Content

22nd June 2012 15:31 - Media and PR

A study by Deloitte has shown that currently more than half of the UK public still prefer printed magazines over online content. The research, culminating in the third annual State of the Media Democracy Report, aimed at getting a measurement of British consumers’… Read more...

Research Report Shows Facebook Can Be More Stressful Than Beneficial

22nd June 2012 15:31 - Media and PR

A market research report released today by psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University has demonstrated that people with alot of Facebook friends are more likely to feel anxious or stressed about using the social networking website. The research concluded… Read more...

YouGov Poll Shows UK Smartphone Users Resistant to Mobile Advertising

22nd June 2012 15:33 - Telecommunications

A YouGov poll compiled for mobile marketing firm Upstream has revealed that users are not enticed by mobile advertisements, with smartphone owners more irritated by them than users of more limited mobile devices. Just 32% of the more than more than 2 000… Read more...

Research Finds Smartphone Sales Now Outpace PCs

22nd June 2012 15:32 - Telecommunications

A new study by IDC has found that in the last quarter of 2010, smartphone handsets outsold PCs. Consumer electronics manufacturers shipped 100.9 million smartphones in the last three months of 2010. This is an 87% increase on the same period in 2009. In contrast,… Read more...

UK Survey Sees Cupid Feeling the Valentines Pocket Pinch

22nd June 2012 15:33 - Public Consultation

A market research survey has now shown that there has been a 16% drop of Valentine’s Day gifts being bought year-on-year in the UK, with men spending 25% less on gifts in 2010 than in 2009, and the trend expected to continue this year. The study also… Read more...

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