DJS Research staff celebrate more than six decades of loyalty

15th December 2019 10:17

Once a year, DJS Research holds a company inform session, where employees from all teams and both offices (Leeds and Stockport) come together to hear Managing Director, Danny, as well as others, speak about the business, about plans for the future and any other company news.

This year the session was an opportunity to give feedback on the results of our recent Employee Engagement Survey, as well as congratulate six long-serving DJS Research staff on the duration of their tenure and their commitment to the company. 

More than six decades of loyalty

Joining DJS Research in its relative infancy ten or more years ago, Kate, Alasdair, Elliot, Kathryn, Jo and Claire have seen many changes during their tenure, with staff members increasing, client numbers growing (and then growing again, and again!), two office changes, and then more recently, a second office opening in Leeds.

During the company presentation, Danny was able to share some fond memories of the people he has worked with over the past decade, who have helped shape DJS Research into the agency it is today.

We thought we'd share a little about them below, look back at their DJS journey and how their roles have changed over the years… 



Kathryn Hadfield 

Kathryn has been a part of DJS Research since the very early days. Originally as an interviewer in the CATI unit she began a full-time contract in the data team in 2011. She now works as a Senior Data Services Executive and is a well-respected and dedicated member of the DJS team. 



Kate Slater

Kate, whose career in market research began back in 2000, joined DJS Research in 2009 as an experienced Research Manager.  Described at the Inform Day as: "an incredible asset to the company”, she is now one of the company's talented Research Directors, specialising in work for the Not for Profit sector in areas including Arts and Culture, Education, Voluntary and Charities. Kate has also been instrumental in developing MOVE for the Visitor Attraction and Culture sector. She also supports our junior staff in their efforts to gain the MRS Advanced Certificate - as well as supporting company-wide staff development and training. 


Claire Williams

Briefly working in the phone unit when the business was a small operation, Claire quickly moved into the Field Team (of which at first she was the only member!) where she conducted street interviews, door to door, hall tests, focus groups and product placements covering all subject matters. After six years of excellent work she was ready for a new challenge and moved over to the research team. Claire is now an experienced Senior Research Executive working with major clients including Retail Week, Next, and BMW. 

At the Inform Day, Claire was thanked for her continued dedication, loyalty and hard work.


Jo Williams

Jo joined DJS in 2008 as a telephone interviewer and later, supervisor, before moving into her HR and Payroll role when the company expanded in 2013. One of the things which makes Jo such a great member of the team is her hard work, loyalty and attitude, said MD Danny as she was presented with flowers at the Inform Day. "Jo's work is fundamental to the whole company. She works so hard and I absolutely love Jo's attitude,” he said. "Whenever we announce something as a company like the Blackpool trip or a Christmas party or maybe a bonus, Jo is always the first person to email me and say thank-you. It just stands out as a fantastic attitude." 


Alasdair Gleed 

Alasdair has been working in market research for over 20 years, joining DJS Research in 2008 as a Research Director. Over ten years later he is still an integral part of the company and has shown great dedication and commitment during his tenure. Working across a range of sectors including Retail, Healthcare, Arts & Culture and Education, his vast experience has seen him manage many high-profile projects and a range of international research. Undertaking large-scale projects in the public and private and public sectors, Al has a wealth of experience and is highly-skilled in both B2B and consumer research.

“Al has been a massive asset to the company and a great support,'' said Danny. "He’s a special character. He does some serious work during the day but is also the life and soul of the party.”


Elliot Simmonds

Elliot first started working at DJS Research over the summer when he was just 16. He has since seen the company grow from just seven staff to more than 120, has moved Head Office twice and has seen a second office open in Leeds. Now an Associate Director, Elliot's work for the company was described as “‘above and beyond' commitment,” by Danny as he shared details of his part in the company’s success, including his talent for helping drive the business forward. Elliot has been instrumental in developing Alumnus - a research offer for the Higher Education sector.

Speaking about his time at DJS Research, Elliot said: 

“I'm incredibly proud to have been involved at all in the journey our agency is on, and excited about what else is still to come. But most importantly, I've loved the people I work with - our clients, suppliers, participants and of course, the team here. 

“Thanks to everyone for the last decade, here's to the future.”


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