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DJS Research Ltd has conducted projects for both local and central government including research for the Department of Health, the NHS, The Competition Commission, The National Archives, The Forestry Commission and the Department for Education & Skills. In addition, many of our projects and research findings are submitted to Government to aid policy formation or lobby Government.

Our senior researchers are comfortable with interviewing senior audiences and we have conducted depth interviews at No. 10 Downing Street and the House of Commons. We have also presented analysis to the Secretary of State for Education.

“Danny has been working for the Department for Education & Skills (DfES) for some 18 months now. His market research experience and skills have been invaluable in taking forward the customer focus work in the Department. He has worked on a number of high profile projects including the management of surveys to track public and young people's perceptions. Part of this work includes presenting his analysis to the Secretary of State for Education. He has become renowned as a specialist source and he has built up an excellent reputation for high quality work and a pragmatic and challenging approach”. Department for Education and Skills

We have carried out work on behalf of or in relation to central government for several clients, some of which include:

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Our central government market research experience is also supported by the fact that, due to the nature of many of the agencies and organisations we work with, we often have to undergo quality audits prior to commencing work - a good example of this is the case of the Competition Commission. In this audit we came first in two distinct areas - 'General Market Research' and 'Fieldwork and Data Capture'. In addition, we have also been appointed to a Framework Agreement for the Electoral Commission - we were one of only seven agencies to be successful in the quantitative research strand of the framework.

Please see the case studies below for more detail about our work. Alternatively, DJS Research have delivered some of the following reports to No.10 Downing Street and they have been made available in the public domain:

Jeanette Crizzle Trust - Give and Let Live 2008

Jeanette Crizzle Trust - Give and Let Live 2009

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