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All our researchers are skilled in market research analysis – whether the data to be analysed has been collected by our own interviewers or whether it has been delivered to us direct from a client. We have analysed research results for clients in the public, private and third sectors and our research directors each have more than 15 years’ experience of qualitative and quantitative analysis across a range of industry sectors.

In order to provide the best analysis of any market research data, our senior researchers would take the time to fully understand your organisation and the wider industry in which it operates. We would then have a detailed discussion with you in order to appreciate exactly what it is that your business or organisation is trying to find out, and how that knowledge will impact you going forward.

The analysis itself can take many forms – including advanced statistical techniques; the examination of key drivers (commonly of satisfaction or advocacy); segmentation (analysing a large group to give smaller groups which can be more effectively targeted) and analysis of verbatim comments to gauge respondents’ prompted or unprompted associations with the client organisation.

This analysis would then normally be written up in to a report, and can also be delivered as a presentation to highlight the key points and discuss the chief outcomes. This also allows key stakeholders on the client-side to query and understand the market research findings in an open forum.

Market research analysis and data comprehension are often complex and detailed tasks, and we would always recommend that an impartial organisation is appointed to carry out the analysis, and to make recommendations based on the outcome of that market research project. This is due to the fact that those involved in the industry or organisation about which the research has been undertaken are likely to have pre-conceived ideas about respondents, and about the outcome of any analysis.

Market research agencies, however, can approach an industry objectively – and thus are able to give feedback that individuals who are ‘too close’ may not have considered or may have disregarded. The use of an impartial research agency for analysis is also particularly useful when trying to convince stakeholders and internal clients of the need for a particular action or direction to be taken.

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