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Depth interviews are a useful market research method - particularly for interviewing hard to reach or senior individuals, or for gaining qualitative insights in to emotional or sensitive topics. They can also be useful if there is a need to demonstrate a particular concept or product in depth prior to gaining a respondent's views and opinions - for instance a website.Depth Interviews Market Research - DJS Research Ltd

DJS Research Ltd has carried out hundreds of depth interviews with both consumers and businesses as well as CEOs, purchasing managers, clinical, administrative and frontline NHS staff, consultants, architects and a wide-array of other hard-to-reach audiences. All of the researchers at DJS Research are trained qualitative interviewers and experienced in utilising specialised qualitative techniques (e.g. projective techniques) to help elicit responses and uncover new insights from respondents.

Depth interviews involve not only understanding what the respondent is saying verbally, but also picking up on other triggers, such as body language or tone of voice, to steer the interview. Talking to a respondent for a long time allows qualitative researchers to better understand individual nuances between respondents - such as sarcasm or innuendo, which can often distort the meaning of responses if they are only written.

Depth interviews, as with the majority of qualitative research, seek to understand the emotional triggers behind a decision or viewpoint - thus enabling marketers or influencers to understand the values of their target markets. Whilst tastes and fashions change, people's values generally remain fixed for longer periods of time. This means that depth interviewing can give a deep understanding of why individuals think what they think or do what they do - as opposed to how many individuals do it for instance.

We have used depth interviewers to capture perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. In addition, we have carried out interviews with numerous vulnerable audiences such as the elderly, people recieving benefits and individuals with long or short term health problems.

Depth interviews normally last between 45 minutes to an hour in length and respondents are normally given some sort of incentive for helping us with the research. They are applicable to both consumer and B2B markets and we have the capability to complete depth interview market research projects in English and a range of other languages.

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