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Market Research Discovers Most Britons Watch Ads but Not Connected TV

23rd August 2012 15:05

A survey of 4,000 UK consumers by Deloitte has uncovered some interesting findings about how Britons approach TV – the findings add to growing evidence that TV with built-in Wi-Fi is failing to appeal as much as manufacturers would hope. Despite the… Read more...

Market Research Shows Music Streaming To Be the Sound of 2012

16th August 2012 17:33

Research by industry watchers Strategy Analytics suggests revenue from music streaming services such as Spotify will generate £696m in 2012, a rise of 40 percent. Though CD and vinyl still dominate the music industry, accounting for 61% of all music… Read more...

Survey Discovers Downturn in UK Marketing Spend Amidst Waning Optimism

12th July 2012 16:43

Called the IPA Bellwether survey, a study based on the quarterly responses of marketing executives at around 300 UK-based companies has shown that marketing budgets are now being reduced for the first time in a year due to economic pessimism. The research… Read more...

Market Research Finds UK Advertisers to Benefit from Rise in Multi-Screening

29th June 2012 15:03

An independent study for Thinkbox, the UK’s marketing body for commercial TV, has shown that Britons who watch telly while at the same time using an Internet-connected device (such as a smartphone or tablet) are less likely to change the channel during… Read more...

Survey Intensifies Debate over Ban on Facebook Ads Targeting Kids

6th June 2012 17:18

According to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Facebook advertising aimed at children is of increasing concern to parents. Almost half of the parents who were polled say they worry about this type of marketing, which raises the bar on the… Read more...

Market Research Measures Growth Potential of Streaming TV in UK

23rd January 2012 17:42

The Barometer survey by KPMG, done every six months to measure the UK public’s media consumption, has revealed the results of their latest study on 2177 people aged 16 years plus – it shows that streamed TV uptake is on the rise. Increased smartphone… Read more...

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