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In this section by clicking on the links below you will find sector specific market research insights, industry news and research findings. The insights are an invaluable desk research tool and are freely available for all to use. Feel free to share the insights with your colleagues using the sharing icons or via Google+. Also, if you can help support this resource by providing a link from your site, it would be very much appreciated.

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Please note that the research projects contained in our insights may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd. We do occassionally carry out research which we make freely available - you can access these reports here: Free Market Research Findings. In addition, visitors to this page may also be interested in our free market research glossary.

Latest Market Research Insights

Market Research Reveals Girls Love Digital Media

22nd June 2012 15:34 - Media and PR

A recent study of UK girls aged between eight and 18 demonstrates that this demographic increasingly finds mobile phones, online chat, internet searches, social networking and gaming indispensible. This is seen as a natural part of the growing mobile trend… Read more...

Survey Reveals UK and US Consumers Want Less Complex Gadgets

22nd June 2012 15:34 - Information Technology

A new survey carried out by Accenture has found that over half of both British and American consumers would prefer simpler gadgets that work better, instead of increasingly complex and unreliable devices. The study of more than 2,000 consumers investigated… Read more...

Study Reveals UK Rates BlackBerry Best Smartphone

22nd June 2012 15:34 - Telecommunications

According to a recent market research study by GfK, the BlackBerry smartphone has taken top ranking in the UK. The device saw major uptake over the Christmas season, with over 500 000 handsets sold in December alone. Developed by Canadian company Research… Read more...

Market Research Confirms Symbian OS Has Lost First Place to Android

22nd June 2012 15:35 - Telecommunications

A new study by UK-based market research company Canalys has shown that in the fourth quarter of 2010, Google’s Android operating system has taken top position in popularity over Nokia’s Symbian OS – this has been measured through global… Read more...

Market Research Finds Barclays Needs More Focus on Customer Care

22nd June 2012 15:35 - Financial Services

Results from a recent Which? survey have revealed that only 53% of Barclays’ current account customers were satisfied with their service compared with other personal finance service leaders such as First Direct and Virgin, who have a satisfaction level… Read more...

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